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“I can also understand how helpful this would be for caretakers to view when an older, incapacitated person needs care if primary caretaker is changing for some reason. I know when I leave my dad, who is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, with a caretaker during a respite occasion, I’m always thinking will he/she know how to carry out my fathers wishes with the least amount of disruption or change to his routine. It's the little snippets of information that you tend to omit when writing notes about care.”

Special Ed Teacher Beta-Tester

VIF was created to assist you to thoughtfully consider, prepare, organize and voice your own choices on how you or a loved one wish to be cared for now or in the future. In the event of any condition or circumstance that renders one powerless and dependent on others to make decisions, VIF ensures your voice will be heard.

VIF is available to everyone, but is especially valuable for older adults who want to plan and manage their affairs, all in one place. 

With compassion, integrity, and dignity, VIF guides you through the process of telling your story and voicing your choices. By preparing now with our professional guidance, the foundation for the best possible care will be created for you or your loved one for your future or present care.

Professionally guided scripts and features will provide you with the tools necessary to educate your family, health care providers, and lawyers to your present wishes for your, or your loved ones care. By creating an individualized VIF care plan you will enable your present and future providers to understand you as you are today.

This app can be updated and revised at any time, according to your changing needs. 

The information you share today will motivate and empower others to carry out your wishes during life’s next phase.

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