Imagine an App capable of translating the complex needs of an individual
who is powerless to care for themselves, capturing the very essence of
who they are and how they respond to care given.  
Why is this important you ask?

Because caring for a person with special needs goes well beyond their chart.

What is VIF?
In the quest to find a more effective and less labor-intensive care-planning solution for family and at home caregivers, VIF has created an application that will revolutionize how family and other caregivers will support their loved one or patient now and in the future. Our flagship app, VIF, provides a one-stop solution for caregivers to develop an advanced care-plan and to be able to access and share with their support network at away from home events, critical information on this individual’s care.
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A life-changing and revolutionary mobile app

VIF is a digital information and data store that can be accessed any time with ease.  It provides a detailed history and care profile unique to this individual, pertaining to diagnostics and other critical information of the patient’s upbringing, which could not be found anywhere else. This makes it easy for the caregivers to make their analysis and offer apt solutions.

You plan your vacations, you plan for major repairs in your home; you plan for your retirement, but have you ever thought of preparing for an emergency with your special need’s child? What about an emergency with you, the caregiver? Where is all the information including legal and medical documents? Will other caregivers have a true picture of your child or family member as an individual?

The Vif app is made for planning, for being proactive and being prepared for what curves life throws at us.

- Donna Sneider
Parent, Special Education Teacher, Assistive and Instructional Technology Specialist, SOCT Local Coordinator, SOCT Coach

A transformative breakthrough in family directed care.

OMG.... It’s a mobile filing cabinet!
Mike Law
Beta Tester, Massachusetts

VIF’s overall objective is that we want caregivers’ lives to be easier, and the lives of the people they care for to be better. In addition to storing up-to-date medical history, our app stores information that is unique to each individual’s needs, enabling caregivers to help them to live the fullest life possible. The VIF app supports caregivers in providing pinpoint care with the information they need at their fingertips.

There is no app on the market that more directly targets improved careplan/documentation services by providing caregivers and first responders withthe real-time information and knowledge they need.

Manage your daily life with confidence and ease.

Families that care for a loved one with special needs, understand the wide spectrum of care that they must manage for this one individual.  In some cases, the seriousness of the condition increases with time, making being a caregiver extremely challenging.  VIF provides a one stop solution.

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Give your child the gift of comfort in a crisis with VIF’s unique audio comforting message feature.
VIF stores up to date information on Medical, Behavioral, Social, Sports, Work or School in one easy to access centralized location
VIF stores documents, photo’s, video and more unique to the specific needs of the individual.
VIF enables caregivers to review, edit and update which will help provide pinpoint care instructions

Tell your cherished family member’s story as only you know it.

As the expert in your loved ones care, VIF provides everything you need in one simple application to sort out and take control of managing the needs of your child

The information you shared about Jack was valuable. Through this medium, you were able to create empathy and understanding of this sensitive boy’s needs academically and socially. It was much more engaging than reading a cumulative record file. It seemed a more natural way to communicate.

Special Ed Teacher Beta-Tester

VIF’s professional planning nurses, designed simple to answer scripts, detailing all of your loved ones activities of daily living and pinpoint care instructions.

Our nurses understand through years of experience that it’s the personal things that matter most when being cared for away from home .

Inspired by our own life experiences.

Our caring team includes a nurse experienced in Long Term Care and group-home settings. This experience allowed her to better understand the challenges (and struggles for all) involved in the planning and care for an individual.

She is also the loving, tired mother of a son on the Autism spectrum. This mother and nurse also dedicated the last five years of her mother’s life with dementia, to her full-time care at home.

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Founded by a mother’s inspiration gained from a lifetime of insight and experience, our team’s diverse healthcare, technology, and education expertise understands your challenges and struggles to plan and care for the most important focus of your life: your cherished family member.

Other team members have been actively involved on/in: Special Olympics CT. Board and annual events, Presatore® Academy, CEO of International Healthcare Corporation, and Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run supporters.

Changing the world in
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